Sterilization Protocol

Home Sterilization Protocol

Amid the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), we at Park Dental take your health and safety seriously. We have always been diligent about strict sterilization and hygiene protocol, and are stepping up our already-above average efforts to comply with CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and ADA’s (The American Dental Association) most recent recommendations.

Oral and dental care is a vital part of overall health. It is so important that patients are able to visit the dentist for checkups, maintenance, and necessary procedures.

As we are reopening with extra precautions put in place, you can trust that sterilization, sterilization, and disinfecting steps are being taken seriously by everyone on staff.

Dental-Specific Strategy

Dental offices have specific requirements in terms of overall cleanliness and sterilization. There are numerous high-traffic surfaces, dental tools and equipment, and other office machinery that must be germ-free at all times. Our dental sterilization techniques result in an environment that is as safe as can be.
We utilize dental-grade heat cleaners, dental steam sterilizers, dental autoclaves, safe chemical solutions, and common-sense practices to maintain a well-sanitized and disinfected practice at all times.

Dental Tools And Equipment Cleanliness

All dental tools and equipment are thoroughly disinfected between patients. All surfaces such as trays, countertops, desks, etc. are cleaned multiple times per day. Any items we use that are disposable are discarded safely after use on one patient.

Staff members will wear disposable gloves that are changed between patients. PPE items such as face masks and face shields are to be worn. Hand-washing between patients and after touching surfaces is practiced diligently. Infection control can be managed by taking these safety steps.

Added Measures

To further keep our office germ-free, we require all patients to come to their appointment alone, unless they require assistance or if a guardian is accompanying a child. We are practicing social distancing in our facilities by staggering appointments.

In our office, we’ve also installed new surface and air purifiers that create hydro-peroxide like molecules using ambient humidity in the air. The molecules that are produced by the Air & Surface Pro cast out over 3,000 square feet per machine, kill pathogens and eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, voc’s, dust, and odors in the air and surfaces.

Stay-Home, Go-Home Policy

If any staff member is not feeling well, we require them to stay home, or go home if they are already at work and begin to feel symptoms.

Patients who are not feeling well should call us to reschedule their appointment. We will accommodate accordingly.

Any Questions? We’re Here To Help

If you have any questions or concerns about our dental sterilization and disinfection protocol, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time – your peace of mind is so important to us. Rest assured that we are doing all we possibly can to maintain a safe environment via dental office sterilization, where we can care for all patients without added stress or worry.

Your health is our business and we take it seriously. Know that you are in good (and clean) hands at Park Dental.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Stay safe and healthy.

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