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Dental Fillings in Winter Park Florida

In order to repair a cavity or close off cracks that have formed in your tooth, a filling is required. Fillings work to protect your teeth so that they do not weaken over time or get destroyed by bacteria or decay. Once a filling is prepared and placed, your tooth can be restored and properly function.

It wasn’t long ago that all fillings were silver or gold and could easily be seen by others. That’s not the look most people want to live with these days, so thankfully, new types of fillings have been created over the years, bringing a more natural, yet highly durable solution that our patients are far more pleased with.

Learn a little more about fillings below. In the case that you do have a cavity, you will be best informed about the types of fillings we use at Park Dental and what the process of getting a tooth filled can be like.

The Types of Fillings Available

We use one of three styles of fillings, depending upon the patient and their needs for the best restoration procedure possible.

Metal Amalgam: This style is a mix of metals that are placed in the cavity as a soft putty, which will harden solid once set inside your tooth. It is highly durable and is typically used for molars.

Composite Resin: For a tooth-colored natural looking filling, composite resin is a remarkable choice. It is tinted to match each patient’s tooth as closely as possible. It is bonded to the tooth to harden and seal.

Dental Porcelain/Ceramic: This material also matches the natural tooth color closely. It is an even more durable option than the composite resin, so we use this on teeth that require more structure or on your molars where there’s more pressure.

What the Filling Process Entails

First, we will apply a topical numbing agent to the affected area, so you won’t feel any pain. We will remove any decay present inside your cavity and clean it out completely. Then the filling of choice will be placed inside the cavity, hardened, and if need be, we will sand it down slightly until your bite feels comfortable. The process does not take very long, and we will ensure you remain comfortable throughout. With proper care, meaning good oral hygiene habits and regular dental exams, your filling can last up to ten years, possibly longer.

Do you think you may have a cavity or want more information about fillings? Our staff at Park Dental in Winter Park, FL is ready to help answer your questions and/or book your appointment. Don’t wait! The longer a cavity remains in an untreated tooth, the worse it will get. Give us a call at 407-671-8901.

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