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Dental Sealants in Winter Park for kids

There’s an extra step we take at Park Dental, your Winter Park Dentist, to help protect your teeth that goes beyond the benefits of brushing and flossing. The use of sealants over the back teeth (molars and premolars) is effective and easy to apply. Most often administered to children and teens, but also helpful for adult teeth, this thin layer is painted over your back teeth to reduce the chance of developing tooth decay and cavities. This preventative process takes mere moments, but a single application can last up to ten years. Here is more information to know about sealants and why they are important in terms of extending your oral health.

Why Molars are More Susceptible

The front teeth are smooth and don’t have those grooves, pits, and ridges the back teeth have, which help us chew. And while they’re great for grinding down food, this also means that there’s a better chance that food particles, debris, and bacteria can get lodged inside. If not sufficiently removed by brushing, these bits can settle in and cause cavities.

Brushing It On Is A Breeze

The sealant application process is a snap. Dr. Kaiser will brush a thin layer of clear resin over the back teeth that seals those grooves over, preventing the particles from ever getting through. The material is hardened by curing with a special light. Now, these teeth will have a smoother surface, making everyday brushing more effective too. It takes just a few minutes to complete the process.

Why Children Benefit From Sealants

Children and teens are more likely to develop cavities as their teeth come in. We recommend sealants as a proactive measure to ward off cavities before they even have a chance to form. Adults can benefit from sealants too – either as a redo of a prior sealant application or if their teeth are prone to decay. This barrier is a bonus when teeth are deemed cavity-free at your next appointment.

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