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Pain in the jaw or wear to the teeth are telltale signs that a patient is suffering from bruxism. This oral condition can lead to discomfort and damage due to grinding and clenching of the teeth, usually while a person is sleeping. While common, bruxism is still cause for concern. Patients we see who suffer from bruxism untreated can wind up with problems with the condition of their teeth as well as injury to the muscles of the face and jaw.

Our Park Dental team can customize a night guard just for you. Night guards have been shown to alleviate and even eliminate bruxism, allowing the patient to sleep better, feel better, and prevent further damage down the road. Here is more information you should know about bruxism and how night guards can help.

Signs of Bruxism

Not every patient will exhibit every bulleted item below, but if one or more are causing you concern, it could be a case of bruxism. Common signs/symptoms include:

  • Nighttime teeth clenching
  • Nighttime teeth grinding
  • Ongoing jaw pain
  • Facial and/or ear pain
  • Tired feeling in jaw
  • Tightness/stiffness in jaw
  • Migraines/tension headaches
  • Worn down/flattened teeth
  • Chipped/cracked teeth
  • Worn tooth enamel (inner layers may be exposed)
  • Indentations on the sides of the tongue (caused by tooth pressure from clenching)
  • Tooth sensitivity

How a Night Guard Can Help

By preventing the clenching and grinding that leads to the other issues listed above, night guards position the mouth to be more relaxed and reduce stress during sleep. Comfortable to wear while sleeping and created to fit your mouth perfectly with a custom-made design, your night guard offers protection. We will take an impression of your teeth to be sent to a lab that will create the flexible plastic night guard. These guards are durable and long lasting, providing up to 10 years of nightly wear.

Bruxism is bound to get worse if not treated. A night guard is a simple, yet effective solution that’s easy to implement and painless in the process. If you believe bruxism is affecting your sleep and causing issues with your teeth, face, and jaw, please don’t hesitate to get it checked out by Dr. Kaiser. Call us at 407-671-8901 to schedule an appointment or to ask our staff any questions you may have about this condition.

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