Digital X-Rays

Dental X-Rays in Winter Park FL

When we administer a full dental exam, X-rays are often part of the process. While you may not require X-rays at every appointment, generally, at least once per year, we will take digital X-rays of your teeth. You’ll be delighted at how much easier these X-rays are to take and how much more comfortable you will be compared to the traditional X-rays you may be used to.

Efficiency and Safety

Digital X-rays are substantially superior to the X-rays you may have received in the past. No film is needed or processing required, making the process faster and the results clearer. The efficiency comes from sensors that are connected to the computer screen right in the exam room. As soon as these sensors are placed in your mouth, the visuals appear instantly on the screen for us to assess. No more waiting and wondering when the results are available in real time. As for safety, digital X-rays give off less radiation than the traditional type. There is also no need for the disposal of toxic chemicals that are needed to process traditional X-rays. This is better for your body and for the environment.

Clearer Pictures

Quickness paired with high-quality makes digital X-rays superior. These images are sharp and precise, and since they’re on the computer screen, we can enhance their size, zoom in, and get far finer details than ever before. Even the tiniest cavity or damage can be confirmed.

Why Do You Need X-rays Anyway?

An oral exam can only go so far when it comes to what the naked eye can see. X-rays will identify issues that can be missed by Dr. Kaiser’s unaided eye. From cavities to bone loss, abnormalities, growths, and more, X-rays can capture images that are very small or at the earliest of stages.

For comfort and clarity in an X-ray, the Park Dental team trusts digital for your dentistry needs. If you are interested in learning more about digital X-rays or want to know if you are due for your X-rays, contact our office at 407-671-8901.

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