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Dental Exams in Winter Park Florida

Regular cleanings and exams are proactive measures we recommend every patient take to maintain a healthy mouth. Two appointments per year is what’s generally advised to keep your oral health at its best. More than a basic brushing and flossing, these visits provide a detailed diagnosis of cavities, decay, disease, and more. Here’s what your exam at Park Dental, your trusted Winter Park dentist, will include, and why every aspect is vital to your oral health:

Health History

An overview of your health is important when you see any doctor, including the dentist. We’ll ensure your history is well-charted and up-to-date so we can follow proper protocol, especially when procedures or medications are required. Any prior restorations done to your teeth will be noted, so we know what has taken place and when. Let us know of any changes in your health every time you come in. Even something that seems insignificant is important to us. We’re looking out for you; keep us in the loop.

Periodontal Exam

Healthy gums are one of the most telling aspects of your oral health status. A periodontal exam detects any issues with your gums, from bleeding to bacteria. A gingival pocket exam will alert us to the risk of disease, which can spread through the body if not treated in a timely fashion.

Dental Cleaning

A dazzling smile is what you’re after, and we’ve got the equipment and techniques to get your teeth in tip-top shape during your bi-annual dental cleaning. We’ll remove stains, plaque, and tartar, and polish them for a smooth finish. Debris will be flossed away and your mouth will feel fresh. If needed, we’ll administer a fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth. You may not need this at every visit, so we’ll let you know when you’re due. Before you go, we’ll provide oral hygiene instructions for you to keep up with at home, between visits.

Diagnodent Early Cavity Detection

Today’s high-tech tools allow us to spot cavities when they are small, making them easier to treat. You may not even feel any discomfort in your tooth yet; that’s how intricate a system the Diagnodent is. The sooner we spot and treat cavities, the less damage there will be to your teeth down the road.

Digital X-rays & Intra-Oral Photo Tour

Far superior to the “old-fashioned” kind, digital X-rays are faster, clearer, and use much less radiation than the traditional type. We’ll see everything right away on the computer, allowing for a detailed diagnosis and a personalized plan for action on the spot. Although Dr. Park can provide a good visual exam unaided, there are spots that can not be seen as readily without the help of a diagnostic tool. An intra-oral photo tour allows us to get into those “nooks and crannies” the naked eye can miss.

Oral Cancer Screening and Head & Neck Exam

We go the extra mile to ensure your health is on-point. An oral cancer screening and head and neck exam will give us a chance to spot any lumps, bumps, unusual tissue, etc. that could be signs of oral cancer or other problems. If anything, this exam gives you precious peace of mind.

Orthodontic Evaluation and TMJ Exam

We’ll check the status of your teeth in regard to spacing, shifting, and strength. For those with jaw-related concerns, a TMJ exam can tell if you clench or grind your teeth, or if your alignment is off. If required, we’ll discuss solutions for better form and function.

Consultation with Giang Kaiser, D.M.D.

Most of your exam is with a dental hygienist but Dr. Kaiser will be in for certain aspects of the appointment. She will address any questions or concerns, provide feedback about the visit, and plan upcoming procedures when applicable.

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