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In response to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, Park Dental has added to our normal stringent safety and infection control protocols beginning on our reopening of May 11, 2020.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of any respiratory illness, you are urged to stay at home.

The well-being of our patients, our team and our community are very important to us. Although we feel that our office is one of the safest environments; in an abundance of caution, we have upgraded our equipment, protocols, and procedures to keep everyone safe and healthy.

You will see the staff using required PPE (personal protective equipment) such as masks, gloves, jackets/gowns, and face shields.

Before your appointment, we will call, text and/or email the patient to confirm the appointment and review the COVID-19 screening questionnaire. Your answers will help us determine your risk of being infectious. If we find that your answers confirm that either you or a member of your household could be infected, we will assist you in rescheduling your appointment.

If you are required to complete new medical history forms, those must be submitted electronically to our office before your arrival so that they may be reviewed. If you need assistance with accessing or completing the forms, please contact us for additional guidance.

Upon arrival at our office, the questionnaire will be repeated to clarify that nothing has changed since your first questionnaire completion.

If you are a high-risk patient, which includes, but is not limited to, over age 65, immunocompromised, presence of cardiovascular disease (controlled or not controlled), we will make every effort at your request to schedule you at the first appointment time to maximize the social distancing factor.

If you have a cell phone, please either text or call the office before leaving your vehicle to ensure proper social distancing procedures. If you don’t please notify the staff when making your appointment so special arrangements can be made.

Patients will be required to present to the office unaccompanied and enter the treatment room alone except when appropriate.

Please plan to bring your own blanket or jacket since our office may be a little cooler to accommodate additional PPE that the team will be wearing.

Every patient and team member entering the office will be screened daily, including, but not limited to, completing the screening questionnaire and temperature checks. If a patient is found to have a body temperature of 100.4°F or higher or refuses to have his/her temperature taken, he/she will not be allowed to be seen at the current time.

If a patient is found to have any of the risk factors, a follow-up series of questions will be asked and he/she will be required to complete/answer.

If it is found that a patient’s screening is at all questionable, for everyone’s safety, you will be rescheduled for your appointment.

You will be asked to either wash your hands with soap and water or to use hand sanitizer. You may also be asked to use a pretreatment rinse as appropriate. You will be expected to adhere to social distancing procedures and follow them as you would when in public places.

We will make every effort to stay on time with your appointment. Please be aware, however, that unexpected delays do occur in the dental office setting. We kindly ask that you remain patiently in your vehicle until the office environment is again safe in terms of traffic.

As part of our new safety measures, we have added air purifiers and other aerosol reducing equipment. Patients will be escorted to treatment rooms once all disinfecting and cleaning protocols have been completed. Please note that you may be asked to wait while the next area is prepared.

Additional devices will be used when possible during treatment to reduce the amount of aerosol production. Disposable materials are discarded immediately. Non-disposable equipment is disinfected then sterilized appropriately following use or contamination.

Please refrain from using your cell phone while in the treatment area.

Our goal is to provide all our patients with the highest quality dental care while exceeding all current safety and health protocols.

As always, we are grateful that you have chosen to be a part of our dental family! We will continue to work hard to earn that trust. Please give us a call if you have any questions!

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